Dusted Jazz Vol. 2

Hot off the press is a peek into Jenova 7’s new album “Dusted Jazz Vol. 2”.

Immediately Jenova’s signature sound shines through “Midnight Ride” with organic drum breaks and soulful vocals.
In regards to the new album, Jenova 7 stated: “Midnight Ride” is the 7th track on “Dusted Jazz Volume Two”. The album begins with a darker tone but gradually migrates into a more relaxed tone. This track is the point at which the tone becomes more positive. Volume Two expands on what I did with Volume One.”
When speaking about the track itself:
This track in particular has soul-jazz influence. While still jazzy, the tone is reminiscent of the soulful 1970s. I recorded the guitar solo on a Les Paul and used wah to achieve the tone.”

The new album should be out in the near future. In the meantime, you can pick up Jenova 7’s content HERE.
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