Czech that Noisia remix!

The Noisia and Foreign Beggars collab’s are some things of beauty and some work that I truly like. So when I saw this remix come through a few days ago, I approached it with skepticism. First off it’s hard to remix a track as good as the original and second, the remixes aren’t always top-notch. This remix, though, does it right. It’s a new interpretation of the original and it cuts it up masterfully to make it sound like you’re listing to an entirely different tune.

Computerartist, a producer out of the Czech Republic did it up right. It’s a great tune, and a great remix. He’s got some stellar drum and bass that begs to be heard. His collaboration with Qo, for one, is pretty tasty as well. Noisia Feat. Foreign Beggars – Shellshock (Computerartist Edit) [Free Download] by Computerartist

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