Black Keys, re-keyed

I’m a sucker for anything Black Keys and Dank of the South African Gravy Crew (I’m still not entirely sure what that is all about, but I like all the members so I’ll go with it) has given me something to vibe on. It’s a remix that’s not a just layting a beat over the original (which annoys me), but yet it keeps enough of the original vibe to as not to completely bastardize the thing. Then as in the original, the switch-up at the end throws a curveball at your face and lays you low with a completely different feel. It’s original and funky and I like it.

He’s got some good stuff and a lot of free downloads (we all love that!) so check his page & give him some love.

  The Black Keys–Tighten up (DANK RE-THING) by DANk *gravy*

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