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Omega, a producer out of the red-hot epicenter of Denver dropped this a little bit ago, but I cannot take it out of my rotation.

Omega takes a pretty good electro pop track in the style of Shiny Toy Guns and with a few well-placed wubs and some much appreciated bass, comes out with this great remix. It’s a grand remix from a producer that can’t help but put out the awesome tracks.

Not only are his remixes spot on but his originals kill as well. Give this guy a listen and enjoy. Visit his SoundCloud page for some tasty bits of his work. You will not be disappointed.

Shotgun Radio Feat Mimi Page – A Bad Place (Omega Remix) by OmegaDubstep
Remix of Shotgun Radio and Mimi Page ‘s “A Bad Place”, out now on Simplify Recordings

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