A definite Case of The Mondays

Well it’s Monday and I for one need something stronger than coffee and an annoying alarm clock (that’s station has wandered and now all I get is static with a mixture of Tejano, Weather and Traffic, and Billy Graham Ministries fading in and out) to get me going. Thankfully Rekoil dropped these two remixes of some Excision tracks on me to help me out in my time of dire need. It has just enough pinegar and viss to get me started (edit: told you I was tired). Thanks, Rekoil, you helped me get from the edge of my bed to the car without any casualties. Oh, and the guy’s got some great stuff to help you along further, if you need. Check out his page and you’ll see. Excision – Subsonic (Rekoil’s Drumstep Remix)[DL in Description] by Rekoil Excision ft. Liquid Stranger – Get To The Point (Rekoil Remix)[DL in Description] by Rekoil

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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