Two-fer Tuesday from Vaetxh

Vaetxh released an EP with the following two songs along with remixes from such artists as Dead Fader, Subjex and Waxhole favorite Culprate. The two songs you are treated to are glitchy to the utmost, yet Vaetxh does it so well. Bringing the dark yet light elements with a beat that doesn’t always flow, reminds me of Aphex Twin with some Photek and u-Ziq thrown in for good measure, yet Vaetxh makes his tracks very uniquely his own. They are almost mini-journeys as beats, melodies and themes seem to fade in and out leaving one wondering what aural Funhouse they stepped into.

Take your trip, and remember, always follow the white rabbit down the yellow brick road while taking the blue pill.

Vaetxh – Mass [Released on King Deluxe 20.09.11] by robclouth

As if the track Mass wasn’t good enough, check the video as well. The stark black and white schematic feel of the video works well with the glitched out effects Vaetxh uses extensively.

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