Propa Tingz with the Propa Propa

Propa Tingz is a big favorite of all of us here at Waxhole and he’s just dropped a great track featuring a nice lyricist Klepto Maddox. This track’ll have you breakin your neck, bitin’ that lower lip and snarlin’ in the most feral ways. Nasty and dank, the track has all the goodness of wubs, rap and glitch to satisfy those of all genres….except maybe Nu Disco. Those cats might not enjoy it as much.

At any rate, this track is just one among many great ones from Propa Tingz. Buy up everything in his catalogue (yeah I did say ‘Buy’ you cheap bastards) and you will not be disappointed.

“Back To Business” – Feat Klepto Maddox Forthcoming on PLAY ME Records by PropaTingz

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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