Holiday Sexy

Merry Christmas to our Waxhole readers that celebrate Christmas and Merry Sexy Sunday to everyone regardless of holiday affiliations. And while everyone is opening presents and imbibing on too much of that sweet sweet egg nog (I actually hate the stuff, but it seems to be a favorite for everyone else, so what do I know) Waxhole is still bringing the music for you to enjoy.

This installment of Sexy Sunday is brought to you by a British producer by the name of Stumbleine. No matter what Stumbleine does, from remixing to originals, it is always chilled greatness. In order to demonstrate this point, I included an original and a remix (plus, I couldn’t decide which one to post, so I took the easy way out and chose both). Both of these tracks are ones you listen to while the rain sheets down on the windows and the warmth of the bed and the one beside you is just too comfy to leave. These tracks are not to be listened to as a one-off, but rather to enjoy over and over again. They get better with every play.

Sun Glitters – There (Stumbleine Remix) by Stumbleine Ember by Stumbleine

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