Breaking into The Vault with Aprodite

The mid-90’s were a confusing time for us fans of electronic music. There were a few established artists in many genres, but many artists were subdued to being one-hit club wonders hard to find unless you bought up every Dance Compilation CD/Record in the store. But those established artists you always looked for when you first walked into the record store were few and far between.

DJ Aphrodite was one of those for me. His forays into Drum and Bass and Jungle were what I followed moreso than the Goldie’s and Roni Size’s of the scene. The following tracks were two that were in heavy rotation for me back in the day. Hard to believe these were released 15 and 16 years ago.

The first track was one that he remixed of NIN. At the time I was a huge NIN Head and so this remix brought together two of my favorite artists. And while I would have let some mediocrity slide due to his great choice of an artist to remix, the track was truly banging. The second track was actually the first track I and many others in the scene were introduced to Aphrodite with. This track had me hooked and I’ve been along for the ride ever since.

DJ Aphrodite Remix of Nine Inch Nails – Perfect Drug (1997) by DJ Aphrodite

Woman That Rolls (1996) by DJ Aphrodite

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