Imported Glitch from South Africa

South Africa, with artists like P.H.Fat, The Liver,Spoek Mathambo and Jam Jarr is putting out some great glitch hop, Township Tech, rap and dubstep that nobody’s ever heard. Take a listen
to some tracks from the artists that have caught my eye.

P.H.Fat has a crackin album out that needs purchasing (can be found here: Whether Glitch Hop, Crunk or Crunk Step, these boys kill it.

The Big Five Feat. Fuzzy Slipperz (live edit oct 2011) by P.H.FAT

Jam Jarr, consisting of Bakaman who lays down the rhymes and Soundproof who provides the glitchy stylings, is a fun outfit off of African Dope Records (

Jam Jarr – I Am The Danger (WAV DOWNLOAD) by Jam Jarr

The Liver likes to alternate between dubstep and glitch hop and can do both quite well. This selection shows how he lays down the glitch hop without being a bore.

play your role by the liver *gravy*

Finally we have Spoek Mathambo who lays down what is described as Township Tech. Spoek lays down the bumpin beats to shake down a shanty town.


As for me, it’s plain to see I’m a new co-author to this great blog. I’m a music head that enjoys every form of music and my selections might be outside the norm, but there will always be one common theme: Enjoyable with a hint of International flare. Enjoy and looking forward to exploring more music through and via Waxhole.
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