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Hungry like the wolf

Just came across this beast of a tune. I expect we’ll be seeing more from this duo in the future, »

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Stranger Danger!

Rejoice! Liquid Stranger has enabled free DL’ing of some of his latest work from the Arcane Terrain EP. Jam ’em »

So I was going over some of this duo’s recent work and found myself without surprise that there are some »

I love stumbling upon new jams from folks on the up and up. Never before has Klaypex graced my waxholes »

As always Feed Me does not disappoint. His clever strobe style bass with little unique growls here and there to break up the »

Here is a full daily dig without any vetting. Thundakats // Thundamentals feat Dysphemic // Hiphop Dubstep by Dysphemic Kill »

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Call 911

I’ve never been one to jump on the ‘hate the guy that’s successful at what he does’ train. With that »

Out the door for a long night of tantalizing thrills and spills and this comes on the boom box. Slurp it »

I put on the Hypem and let it play. I came out of the shower to have this playing and »

DJ SU:FX out of California comes fresh with his latest set of dubstep goodness. Check the folk step madness on »

Check out this super chill crawler from Mr. Elliot Mars. Make sure to grab the free download while you’re at »

I’ve been a long time listener of EDM, with a heavy lean towards drum’n’bass, especially over the last 10 years »

Joker came along and brought some of the first “purple” sound I have heard. Honestly I got tired if the »