Foreign Correspondents Series, Part 2 – Broken Lip (Spain) (English Translation)


I would like to provide an overview of some of the producers who have influenced me in one way or another since I became interested in the world of electronic music about 5-6 years ago. From my beginnings until today, I played many different styles of music but generally I have always attracted more attention with broken beats styles like: Uk Garage, and all its aspects, Dub, DnB, Autonomic, and many other electronic subgenres like the newer and underground genres of Jersey Club, Sea Punk, Juke or Footwork Trap.

That said, here is my personal list with some tracks from producers who have made ??quite the impression on my playing and production.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! Broken Lip from Málaga with Love!
Broken Lip (Soundcloud, Facebook)
BSN Posse (Soundcloud, Facebook)
Blem (Soundcloud, Facebook)
Andalucias En El Espacio (Soundcloud, Facebook)

1. Phaeleh (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Phaeleh, I would say that for me is definitely the best producer of deep dubstep. Through the years he always makes great tracks that are clean and have a purity in their sound. I think it’s one of the producers that I like all of their songs. If we talk about Future Garage, Dubstep, Deep Chill or even the style Dub Roots with the dark vibes, Phaeleh is without doubt one of the greats in all of these styles of electronic music. For me, his music is such a pure feeling.

In The Twilight by Phaeleh

2. Girl Unit (Soundcloud)

It’s been three years since the English producer released the great Ep WUT off of the Night Slugs label. Many of the followers of what we now call “Trap” do not know these great songs, which is disappointing. Girl Unit has definitely been a big influence on our music as BSN Posse. Whether tracks from Wut, or Club Rez, they are all HITS.


3. Cardopusher (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Another of my favorite musicians, mainly for the versatility in his productions, would certainly be the Venezuelan based in Barcelona artist, “Cardopusher”. I remember I discovered his music in 2008 when I used to play Breakcore. While I’ve calmed down over the years and am focusing on lower BPM sessions, my friend Luis Garvan (Cardopusher) has continued to release music by playing music that fall in the great family of Bass Music, House, Dubstep, Techno, Acid and many other names that were invented to describe his music.

Cardopusher – Then What by Cardopusher

4. Romare (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Another of my favorite producers for their originality and their unique sound is definitely the British artist, “Romare”. I was first introduced to this producer through his EP “Meditations of Afrocentrism”, which I highly recommend. His music is full of African instrumentation and sample handling and is very good, fresh with that soul music that makes you dance!

Alt-J – Breezeblocks (Romare R?mix) by Romare

5. Sinjin Hawke (Soundcloud, Facebook)

One of the largest producers today, is a Canadian producer based in Barcelona, by the name of Sinjin Hawke. Bass & emotions pump with each tune, and each track is crafted to perfection, always surprising in their structure. If we talk about music with class yet powerful, Sinjin Hawke is the producer you’re looking for! his debut ep Pelican Fly is simply a masterpiece and his collaborations with Morri$, or Zora Jones Canblaster are exquisite pieces for the choicest ear.

Sinjin Hawke & MORRI$ – One Kiss [Download via XLR8TR] by Sinjin Hawke

6. Salem(Soundcloud, Facebook)

Finally, for the genre “Witch House” Salem, out of Chicago who was introduced to me by a good friend, is for me almost like therapy. Despite the dirt in the compositions and abuse of Reverb, I think they are a good example of how to do something authentic without following any rule or regulation … send everything to hell and do what you damn well please, this is what Salem does. His sounds are tinged with codeine, and those large doses of Slow Motion and Color Purple skies ….

KING NIGHT by SALEM official

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