Foreign Correspondents Series, Part 1 – xxStunned Tomcat (France) (english translation)

I developed this list in a simple way, it is the names of the top 10 producers (/ teachers!) who inspire me more or ones that I simply listen to more, whether currently or for a long time. The goal is to present a majority of artists from the rising scene in France. This list is obviously not exhaustive (and no secret), and it can be supplemented by following me on Facebook or Soundcloud.

Happy reading/listening!

XXStunned Tomcat//


1 – Andrea (Soundcloud, Facebook):

We Sink – Cat o’ Nine Tails (Andrea Remix) by Andrea

Andrea is one of the French producers I believe to be very promising. I love his penchant for the use of vocals, often borrowed from R’n’B samples, and his melodies that really have their own key. With an international audience, Andrea is supported by many big names in the industry, such as AlunaGeorge, plus will soon share the stage with the famous Flume! He also runs with Julia Losfelt (see below), the label Moose Records, which seeks to highlight artists from different backgrounds and countries, to listen absolutely: the Moosetape (# 2 posted on Waxhole).

2 – Julia Losfelt (Soundcloud, Facebook):

Away by Julia Losfelt

Two tracks to her name currently, and so good that we can predict a bright musical future. The soft and sensual voice that rivals those of the major Pop or R’n’B singers, adds to the quality of her productions. I plan to keep a close eye on her progress!

3 – Stwo (Soundcloud, Facebook):

KNOW by stwo

One of the newest arrivals on the French stage is stwo. He has risen at a a meteoric rate, and recently signed on with the famous Soulection label. Also a movement close to R’n’b, his beats are always accompanied by vocal samples treated well, which gives a fairly rapid and timeless character. Stwo frequently releases new tracks, which never leaves us time to get tired of him. Keep an eye out for many projects should be launched very soon (such as his first EP).

4 –  Sun Glitters(Soundcloud, Facebook):

Lockets – Surrender (Sun Glitters Remix) by Sun Glitters

And now we have this CULT producer from Luxembourg! Not French, but I wanted to put Sun Glitters in this list because he is still a great source of inspiration and guidance for me. His style is unique as his dream pop appeals to me greatly. The emotional character that he brings to his productions and remixes bring to life his productions. Always giving me new music to download and artists to follow he also inspires many ideas for my production.

5 – ORLOK (Soundcloud, Facebook):

ORLOK – You Inspire Me by ORLOK

The kind of ultra versatile artist that I enjoy listening to whether it is a big hip-hop beat or a more experimental piece (more to my taste). I love Orlok’s hard work and research, notably for sound samples, always well placed. His productions seem to rely on a series of pictures for his songs, which to me is also very tough to achieve. Because of all of this. he is also one of my favorite French producers.

6 – Tommy Jacob (Soundcloud, Facebook):

Tommy Jacob – Slow by Tommy Jacob

The next two artists are more recent discoveries and Tommy Jacob has really got me interested. His many productions and remixes are also very nice and well produced, often more adaptable to sets; handy! His next Ep” &” promises to be a great one to look out for this summer.

7 – LUUUL (Soundcloud, Facebook):


This producer dabbles in the Chillwave movement, sometimes pop and many times Chillout (broadly defined), which I really like. His pieces are very soft and quite stunning, especially his latest ones. His Ep “Beach / The morning after” has only been released a few days ago, and the pop sounds remind me of the Belgian version of (Francophone) producer Summer Heart. I am loving his music and I don’t think that will ever change.

To be continued…..

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