Foreign Correspondents Series, Part 1 – xxStunned Tomcat (France) CONTINUED (english translation)

I developed this list in a simple way, it is the names of the top 10 producers (/ teachers!) who inspire me more or ones that I simply listen to more, whether currently or for a long time. The goal is to present a majority of artists from the rising scene in France. This list is obviously not exhaustive (and no secret), and it can be supplemented by following me on Facebook or Soundcloud.

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XXStunned Tomcat//

Story continued from THE FRENCH: 


 8 – LTR – (Soundcloud, Facebook)

For Brighter Days – [Tropos & LTR] by LTR tunes

LTR is my preferred ambient producer. I love the deep aspect of his melodies, and I’ve loved his work for a long time. In addition to his Soundcloud, which is full of great tracks, he is also worth a follow on YouTube. I highly recommend it!

9 – N U A G E S – (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Through by n u a g e s

Nuages produces in a very good style!  His productions, which are often Ambient, are beautiful.  He uses “reverb to give a truly original and deep feeling and vibe to his tracks.  His latest mix online made ??me add him to this list and also he is one of the artists whose pages I visit regularly.

10 – Mist Glider – (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Clams Casino – I’m God (Mist Glider Remix) by Mist Glider

know Mist Glider through his remixes, such as this Clams Casino track and is my favorite kind of artist.  His tunes are always perfect in a set or a guest mix.  Working with producers such as TREE and Aeropsia, who are also inspiration for me, he has many tracks finished and in the works and I only hope it continues!

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