Foreign Correspondents Part 3 – Joris Vaes (Belgium) ENGLISH Translation

Foreign Correspondents brings us Joris Vaes, the man behind Tangram Records (Official Site, Facebook) based out of Belgium.  Being the label of our good friends the duo Moodprint, it as a natural fit that someone of great taste should represent the country that has such a vibrant scene.  I tried to do the scene some justice with my post HERE last month, and Joris adds to that with his view from a much better perspective.  A native’s perspective.  But enough of Joris, let’s check out the music he’s selected as a good representation of the music alive and kicking ass in Belgium today.

1. YellowStraps x Le Motel –
Released just before this summer, this second collab between YellowStraps en Le Motel is new soul at its best. Perfect for a laid-back, hot summer night, chill session with good friends.
Youtube video HERE

YellowStraps x Le Motel – Valium by Le Motel

2. Herrmutt Lobby x RELab
Well um, Hermutt Lobby… Without any doubt the most forward thinking beat makers in Belgium. I mean, just look at the video. Self-made hardware wizards. Set to play at this years’ Sonar festival but had to cancel due to technical issues. Think they will be going far…

3. PhaRo
Had to include something from our home-town Leuven. PhaRo is one of those young, semi-off-the-grid producers putting out great stuff. Only two beats to his account up t’ill now, but I can’t wait to here more. Again, pretty laid-back.

Her Blues by PhaRo

4. Flash Grimey
The last one is a new signing to Tangram Records we’re very proud of. Cheated a bit here Flash Grimey are Dutch (no Belgians but we love our neighbours from up north). Amazing lyrics (for those who can understand) and mad beat makers. Cannot understand they are being slept on this much, but we’ll be working hard after the summer to change that. We’ll be dropping some stuff by the guys soon, but be sure to check the free albums up on their bandcamp!

Flash Grimey – White Boy Funk – 17 Kijk In De Spiegel by Waxhole

Flash Grimey – White Boy Funk – 10 Crusty Dragon (Sorry) by Waxhole

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